A Revolutionary Way of Growing Plants

NFT Growing Systems

The Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is another form of hydroponic way of growing plants, it’s almost precise mathematical science defying nature’s conventional standards. It works by providing an extremely shallow supply of water so as not to drown out the plants with an aquatic stream that contains nutrients to encourage the plant to grow. Thereafter, this delicious concoction is then re-introduced and circulated back through the bare roots via a channel or gully. Whilst you may think that this has just burst onto the agricultural scene, surprisingly it was developed by an English, Dr Alan Cooper in the 1960s hippie era, nothing saying for a moment Dr Cooper’s was a hippie. In fact, Dr Cooper was a scientist at Glasshouse Crops Research Institute in Littlehampton which ceased its activities in 1992.Image result for A Revolutionary Way of Growing Plants

NFT’s Neat and Compact

Whilst you may think the shallow water is weak and the roots are not held together by sturdy soil, you will be amazed to learn that the NFT growing systems can cope with a lot of vegetables. NFT can easily grow tomato, aubergine, cucumber, carrots, beans, lettuce and sweet peppers with equally impressive yields. Over the years, it has taken over other similar hobbies and is currently leading in trends among UK and European enthusiasts.

Despite its elegant idea, it is actually relatively inexpensive as it consists of some pvc plumbing pipes, water container, some tubes and a small pump. It’s rather easy to set up and you can easily find video tutorials on YouTube that are slowly gaining more followers. Luckily, you do not need to build one from scratch as there are NFT Growing Systems kits available for sale and it ranges from £200 to a swanky version at £570!

If NFT has whetted your appetite but you are not too sure about the irrigation, the flow system does actually sit on a slight gradient. Then, the pump pushes the water all the way through and this stops the water from being stagnated so as the nutrients are kept fresh to tease the roots with each flow.

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Carrie Lopez

Carrie Lopez