Benefits of Artemisia Annua Seeds (Sweet Annie Wormwood Plant)

Artemisia Annua, commonly known as the Sweet Annie Wormwood Plant has found varied usage in the modern day practical life. The herb is native to Asia, specifically found in abundance in China where it is named as Qing Hao. The leaves, seeds and plant extracts has shown useful benefits to the human body and is being used as a traditional folk medicine for centuries like fighting cancer and treating fevers including the deadly Malaria.

Why use Artemisia Annua?

Our body is a biological machine that programs its own metabolism pathways in order to release products in the form of proteins or enzymes through cellular activities. A cancer affected cell can cause detrimental effects that may lead to collapsing of a particular metabolism pathway finally proving fatal for the body. High fever or extreme elevations in the body temperature can also be risky and damage the proper functioning of a cellular system as proteins are highly susceptible to destruction by temperature fluctuations (disturbance in the normal homeostasis).Image result for Benefits of Artemisia Annua Seeds (Sweet Annie Wormwood Plant)

Thus, here comes the role of Artemisia Annua. The plant contains several important phytochemicals and its derivatives that have effectively proven beneficial in the treatment of cancer and malaria. Artemisinin, which is the main component found in the plant, is now being used as an anti-parasitic agent in the drugs that are used to fight against malaria and has also been approved by WHO. The extracts of Artemisia have shown effective action as an antimicrobial agent which includes anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Helps as an anti-aging agent too?

Aging has always been a reason to worry about by the time we are all in our 30s or early 40s. The skin starts to wrinkle progressively and there is a tendency of fatigue getting developed inside the body. Overall there is a depressing breakdown on the outside as well as inside showing signs of aging. So without running around the bush for remedies, we can say greetings to this wonderful creation of nature that is proving effectively as an anti-aging agent, supporting the immune system of the body and also restoring the properties of the fragile cells inside.

How to useArtemisinin?

Our body is sensitive to any changes occurring intracellularly or extracellularly. So an effective dosage of the particular extract is recommended in order to get a proper response. Due to cancer, there is a serious breakdown of blood cells and tissues in the body finally leading to death. Thus to restore the inbuilt cells and simultaneously facilitate the formation of new blood cells in the body which is also called angiogenesis, this supplement can be taken. Adding to that, the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF) is a signal protein stimulating vasculogenesis is also reduced by Artemisinin.The extracts of Artemisia Annua also exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and fightsnumerous deadly viruses like hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and bovine viral diarrhea virus by inhibiting their protein production activities.

Overall Artemisinin derived from the Artemisia Annua is a modern day effective immune booster and serves as an important remedy to the life threatening predators like cancer, microbial fevers and aging rescuer.

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Mary Alfaro

Mary Alfaro