Eta Canada Visa; To Enjoy The Visit Without Any Inconvenience

As a matter of fact, every country has a proper immigration system. The governments make immigration laws to make sure that no intruder or criminal could enter the country. It is for the national safety and security. Though the immigration rules of every country might be different but the purpose is one “security.” Canada has also made laws related to the visa policies. In fact, the Canadian government has started the electronic traveling authorization system. So if you want to enter the country, you need an Eta Canada Visa.

Get An Eta:

Eta stands for electronic traveling authorization. It is a document that allows you to enter and stay in the Canada for a specific period of time. The Canadian government started this pre-screening system in the year 2016 to make sure that no criminal could enter the country. As a matter of fact getting an Eta Canada Visa is not difficult at all. It is an easy and straight forward process. The best thing is that you can apply online to get an Eta. You just have to fill the application form, and you will get the approval within minutes. Keep one thing in mind that you should provide the correct information in the Eta application otherwise your form will be rejected. You have to provide the following information in the Eta application:

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  • Personal Information:

In the first part of the application, you have to provide your personal information. Write information about:

  • Family Name
  • First Name
  • Date Of Birth (Day, Month, Year)
  • Country of Birth
  • City of Birth
  • Gender
  • If you have applied before to enter or stay in Canada
  • Funds you have to travel to Canada
  • If you are traveling to Canada by air

You are eligible to get an Eta only if you have provided correct information. You should write the exact name you have written on your passport.

  • Passport Information:

After writing your personal information, you have to write the information about your passport.  Write your:

  • Passport Number
  • Then re-enter the passport number for confirmation
  • The name of issuing country
  • Date of passport insurance (Day, Month, Year)
  • Date when passport will expire (Day, Month, Year)

If you have any additional citizenship, then you must have to mention it in the application form.

  • Contact Details:

Then you have to provide your contact details which include:

  • Your e-mail address (you have to write it twice)
  • Phone number
  • Your preferred language
  • Complete residential address
  • City and country

If you live in an apartment, then you have to write apartment number. You have to write your address so do not write post office address. Once you have written all the details, then you have to provide your travel information. You should read and review the form before submitting. You cannot save your form so write the information carefully. And if you have provided any wrong information then your application will not be approved.

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David Rosado

David Rosado