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How many of us go beyond liking a social cause post or appreciating such kind of initiative on social media? Do we make a difference after like a post? UNICEF last year rolled out a 43-second powerful video on hunger awareness ‘Likes don’t save lives.’ It compels you to think hard about the real issues plaguing our world.

A country’s future lies in its children’s future. And sadly, hunger has been found to be the leading cause of children’s death in India. Also, a study finds that nearly 3,000 children die in India every day because they are underfed. Many children NGOs thus have taken up this cause on war-footing.


With Akshaya Patra, you can physically make a difference in just Rs 950, impacting a child’s life for a whole academic year. Being a Children’s NGO, we are making diligent efforts and taking strong steps to stop hunger. We have already served wholesome meals to over 2 million children so far and still counting. On an everyday basis, we feed more than 1.6 million children in 13,210 schools through our mid-day meal programme. Currently, we are present across 11 states in India.

Here’s how you can do more and make the real impact:

Help a child realise his dream

Do you think any social issue could be solved by just liking a post? The answer is obviously a no – it won’t have any actual impact. The real difference lies in missions such as that of Akshay Patra that’s accelerating efforts to feed 5 million children per day by year 2020 along with creating wide awareness on hunger. It is our vision to witness a hunger-free India where children are rightfully provided with food and education. It’s a value that’s embedded in all of our staff, volunteers, donors and leaders. Here’s where you can nourish an actual dream of a child and become a true blessing for someone.


Choose to act today

At times, liking a post is a temporary rush to make a difference. While they do create awareness a large scale, the empathy you feel towards the issue eventually subsides. While social media is indeed a great and convenient platform to share, discuss and understand the surroundings, it is also our responsibility to choose to act. A small gesture of volunteering or contribution would bring a child to school.

You can become an NGO Volunteer and practically implement what you have been wanting for years.

Engage at a deeper level

We do spread the word through social media but we aren’t dependent on it. We encourage our donors and volunteers to increase their awareness on hunger by taking actions. The reason why we publish all of our activities and share them transparently is because we do not want just funds for the cause but we want hearts and minds too. An amount of just Rs. 950 amounts to saving one child from hunger for one entire year.

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David Rosado

David Rosado