Great ways to Save time and Money when Travelling Internationally Or Domestically

If you spend time travelling for business or vacation you may be all too familiar with how stressful the process can be. From late and cancelled flights, to lost luggage and hotel reservations it seems like there is no shortage of stressors when it comes to travelling. Thankfully this helpful guide provides tips and tricks for saving as much time and money as possible for your next trip. Consider these tips when planning your next business trip or vacation.

Consider staying in a vacation rental rather than a hotel.

Hotels are one of the most expensive components of travelling save for airfare. Did you know there is a cheaper alternative? Vacation rentals by owner offer the opportunity to find an excellent place to stay at a fraction of the cost. is a great place to start. Vacation rentals by owner allow people with a vacation home, rental property, or spare bedroom to list the property as rentable for short periods of time. Because you are renting an actual house you can end up in areas of town that are residential, offering a  unique travel experience and view of your destination.

            Take public transportation instead of renting a car

IF you are travelling to a city or metropolitan area it may be far cheaper to take public transportation that it is to rent a car. Many cities have an excellent bus, subway, or light rail system that is relatively cheap to ride. It may be stressful trying to figure out the schedules and maps so be sure to do your research ahead of time and map out exactly where you need to be and how to get there. A bus pass only costs about thirty dollars for a monthly pass which is far cheaper than the hundreds of dollars typically spent on rental cars for only a few days. Consider taking public transportation on your next vacation to save money. It may be a little more time consuming than renting a car but the savings are totally worth it.

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Carrie Lopez

Carrie Lopez