Points to consider while choosing a dedicated server

Many website users use sharing network just only to save some money but they are not aware with the fact that by sharing a network with other website user is not only a compromise with the security of website but also leads to high traffic that will result in low number of user for your website. That’s why experts always advised that one who should want their website safe and secure or wants to reduce latency effect they should use dedicated server for their website. Dedicated hosting service provides a good server hosting at very nominal rate to their clients, the one who desire to acquire their service can obtain their service.

How to choose dedicated server

Processor – this is the first thing that you need to consider when you choose dedicated server for your website. The processor need is totally depend how powerful and strong your website is. There are some websites that needs powerful server to run such as CPU-intensive scripts, game servers, SQL servers and more.Image result for Points to consider while choosing a dedicated server

Memory – here memory refers to RAM that has a capacity to store a data. Choosing a memory is a very important part of dedicated servers because it will allow the visitor who visits your website to access all the information quickly. The more RAM your website has a it will load more faster.

Storage – choosing how many hard disks you want in your website is totally depends upon which type of data you handle. If you are handling a sensitive data then you should install one hard disk for the information storage while install other hard disks for the backup of that storage.

Bandwidth – choosing a bandwidth is depend upon how much traffic you get, if you get low amount of traffic then you should chose basic bandwidth and if high traffic then should go the high range bandwidth.


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