The Best Places To Shop Makassar Gold Silks Pearls Souvenirs

If you take a walk around Makassar, do not forget to look for one or two makassar gold silks pearls souvenirs. Makassar is a port city on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. When you travel to East Indonesia, Makassar is the largest metropolis you will meet there. Therefore, many traveler who are on vacation to East Indonesia take their time to visit this port city.In addition to visiting some tourist attractions, in Makassar you can find various items as souvenirs.

In Makassar, gold, silks, and pearls are materials that are often used to make various kinds of handicrafts as souvenirs. With these materials, various kinds of unique souvenirs with typical Makassar handicrafts will be made. To get your own souvenir, you can visit the shop and souvenir shopping center in Makassar. There are many makassar gold silks pearls stores which sell various items and crafts as souvenirs, in which, the most famous is:

  • Come To Somba Opu Street

Somba Opu is a street that becomes souvenir shopping center with traditional nuance. This street often becomes the main destination to visit if people want to find souvenirs in Makassar. On along Somba Opu street, there are many shops selling various souvenirs. The most sought-after souvenirs are crafts made of silver, silk, gold, and pearls. There are also various other souvenirs that you can find here such as snacks, traditional musical instruments, paintings, ornaments, and much more.

If you shop for souvenirs on Somba Opu street, you can bargain the price of the item you want to buy. If you have a good bargaining ability, you can get the items you want for a good price. The advantage of shopping at Somba Opu street is, there are many shops along the way. So if you do not get the item with the price you want at the store, you can always visit the other stores.

  • Visiting Trans Studio Mall Makassar

Trans Studio Mall Makassar is the largest mall you can find in Makassar. In Trans Studio Mall Makassar, there are many items to buy from clothing, appliance, food, accessories, souvenirs and much more. If Somba Opu street is a place to shop with traditional nuances then Trans Studio Mall Makassar is a place to shop with modern nuances. Trans Studio Mall therefore is the second choice for souvenir shopping after Somba Opu street for tourists and travelers.

Unlike Somba Opu street, you can not bargain at Trans Studio Mall. All items sold here have a fixed price. But the advantages of shopping at Trans Studio Mall, you can rest and look for entertainment in addition to shopping.

If you want to find souvenirs, between 2 suggestions Somba Opu street is the most recommended place. Because here, you can feel a unique traditional atmosphere while shopping. In addition, shopping here can give you the best makassar gold silks pearls priceswith good bargaining skill.When shopping, it is advisable to bargain the price, because the first price given to you usualy is not the original price.

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