Video Conference Continues Its Rising Trend in 2017

Collaboration between work teams and different corporate workspace areas that are far apart has been a constant challenge for companies, and with the increase in teleworking and flexible working hours, this has become one of the main needs in any type of organization. In this sense, the year 2016 is presented as a key year for collaborative tools, such as video conferencing to be consolidated and enter fully into companies around the world.

What Reasons will Consolidate Video Conference in the Work Environment?

The Millenials: As we explained in the previous post Millenials are transforming the business world. They are collaborative, they like new technologies and bet on flexibility and telework. In this area, video conferencing becomes an indispensable tool for them, as it allows them to communicate with their colleagues and work from any place, moment and device. In addition, Alaa Saayed, head of the Unified Communications and Collaboration Industry at Frost & Sullivan, says, “As they are a larger proportion, the video will have more penetration and prices will be reduced further, which will further increase adoption.”

Mobility and Telework: According to a Vodafone study, more than 80% of lasfotolia_92118334

Spanish companies already incorporate labor flexibility policies. This trend is reinforced by the fact that more and more companies are betting on measuring the performance of their employees through goals, rather than hours worked. In addition, telework has become a priority for employees, since most of them are committed to more flexible lifestyles that allow them to enjoy their social life and family reconciliation. In this sense, video conferencing is a highly valued tool, since it allows you to talk with colleagues, see them and attend meetings as if you were in the office.

The Transformation of the Workspace: As we mentioned in the previous section, the entry into the labor sector of a new generation will change what we now call office. We are not talking about a disappearance, but a transformation and a change in the way of interacting. Telework can partially empty offices, but employees will still have the same business communication needs as if they were in it. In this sense, the renewal of communicative tools and the consolidation of new technologies will allow them to continue working as a team from anywhere and with the quality and immediacy they need.

Ease of Use and Services in the Cloud: Today, video conferencing services in the cloud, such as ezTalks Cloud Meeting, are gaining market thanks mainly to its low cost and its high professional performance by offering high-definition video and audio quality, interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, instant messaging, meeting recording and playback, meeting scheduling. With it, you can connect with multiple people from anywhere at any time with Internet access.

Also, ezTalks Cloud Meeting allow to participate in video conferences from any Windows computers and Mac, and any smartphones and tablets running in iOS or Android), thus providing the flexibility and mobility that employees need.

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Josie Park

Josie Park